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This is a track by track rundown for the CD “The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity” as requested from German metal magazine Bright Eyes.

This is Sidney Allen Johnson of Babylon Mystery Orchestra and I am going to take you on a track by track run through of the new BMO CD “The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity.” First I should say that my overall intention was to present a “responsible” criticism of christianity as it pertains to the institutional apparatus of the church in its heirarchal earthly form. Essentally I view this work in a similar way to the writings of Martin Luther who himself was critical of the church of his time. The great Apostasy follows the evolution of the church with the basic premis that the church was never a sanctuary from evil, but, in fact,  a target of it. So on with the tracking….

1. Holy Ghost begins with the promise made by Jesus of a comforter that could only be sent when he left. This song is meant to show the church as it was meant to be in the beginning.Full of potential. This song has some carefully chosen quotes from Jesus. Those chosen by Jesus out of this world would be hated by this world. Initially this was the condition of the early church as the early church was persecuted. I particularly like the Gothic sound of this song.

2. Pentecost. The arrival of this Holy spirit after the crucifixion creates quite a disturbance. Many people observing the apostles on this day actually thought they might be drunk. Apparently it was quite a sight. So much so that people try very hard (sometimes way too hard) to recreate this mass euphoria in churches to this very day.

3. I, Lucifer is an instrumental that acts as a transitional song taking us from the church as it should be as represented in the first two songs to the church as we will come to know it. Suffice it to say that our favorite fallen angel was observing the spread of this “good news” and was devising a plan to deal with it.

4. Prey For Me. Alas said plan is hatched. Simple and brilliant all at once. After encouraging the persecution of early christianity was in fact making it stronger the fallen one decides its better to not try to destroy the church….but to infiltrate and ultimately run it.This is validated by much Bible prophecy and even more world history. The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Spanish Armada, St. Bartholemew’s Day Massacre and even the outcome based modern Christianity with its Pretribulation Rapture can be traced to this simple diabolical idea. The Apostasy of the Church is built into it right there in Christianity’s first century. A perusal of the first chapters of Revelation will reveal the initial success of the plan as 6 out of 7 churches mentioned have been poisoned with something Jesus is warning them about. The first Christian churches had to meet in secret as it was a truly persecuted faith at the time. Lucifer is not an omniscient being. You can hide from him and his angels. Ask yourself who it truly benefits for the churches to meet at specific locations on a known schedule? In order to control the churches he had to find them. A society tolerating and accepting a religion is the first step in gaining control of, and making use of it.

5. One way, One Truth, One Life…this is a song of confusion. After all there are many different faiths and beliefs in this world. There are many different faiths and beliefs in Christianity.Why? Was all of this confusion an “intelligent design?”

6. Church Of State.  Here in America there is this tremendous belief in the idea of a separation of church and government. There is also a tremendous belief among political conservatives in the foundation of God AND country. You cannot serve two masters and you will serve something. Church of State is a song about the government as a religion. Considering the way the American people worship their “constitution,” you can view this as the state of America today!

7. Eye Of The Needle. This is one of the favorites. Two very real people whose names were not changed are put on display in this song. Extremes is the theme here. The extreme liberalism of “Father Gene” who invites abomination into the church in the name of tolerance is opposed by the extreme evangelical conservatism of  “Reverend Fred”  who would banish the sinner with the sin in the name of intolerance.

8. Wolf In The Fold gets into the diabolical heart and soul of that most evil of creatures…..the pedophile priest. A journey through his unrepentant mind. Never does the “church” hold these scoundrels in contempt. Quite the opposite. Their silence is sanctioning!

9. Who Mourns For Philadelphia? Has the one true and faithful church fulfilled biblical prophecy and been “kept from the hour of temptation”……by dying? Who noticed the death of the church? When did it happen? Did anyone mourn? And what does that say about all the churches in the world today?
10. King Of The Earth. The celebration of a plan having reached fruition. Satan claims that which is his: ALL the Christian churches of the earth! They have acquired all the world has to offer: wealth, power and the pleasures of the flesh. Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world. Its obvious the churches of the earth do NOT serve his kingdom. They belong to someone else! There will be no rapture for these churches. They have a special reward awaiting them….

11. Antichrist Superczar. The ultimate reward for a church that favored worldly pursuits over its humble purpose. The churches of the earth shall be delivered into the hands of him which they fear the most: “The Abomination of Desolation.”

Of course this is an oversimplification of all the themes and ideas that are dealt with through the story of “The Great Apostasy.” As with all Babylon Mystery Orchestra CD’s I give considerable attention to the booklet that accompanies the disc. There is a lot of extra text to provide more insight into what went into each song as well as the actual lyrics. I take these themes seriosly and present them that way and I appreciate any and all that take an interest in Babylon Mystery Orchestra.

There are additional essays written about “The Great Apostasy” CD as well as one about the song “Eye Of The Needle” available at:

Sidney Allen Johnson
Babylon Mystery Orchestra



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